Suppress directory not empty message


When deleting a directory tree mc displays the following message:

  Delete directory "<directory>"?

  [Yes] [No]

I hit “Yes”, then another message pops up:

  Directory not empty.
  Delete it recursively?

  [Yes] [No] [All] [None] [Abort]

I hit “All” since I want to delete the entire tree. This is very
cumbersome. Is is possible to suppress both messages entirely or at
least suppress the second message?

Is it possible to suppress the deletion window displaying the
deleted files list with the [Skip] [Abort] buttons as well? Since
the deletion/copy/move processes often take several minutes, mc
becomes totally unusable until those operations are finished. The
only way to continue working is to open up a second mc instance.

I couldn't find anything relevant in the manual.


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