Midnight Commander 4.8.10 has released.

Hi all,

mc-4.8.10 has released.

Download page: http://www.midnight-commander.org/downloads?order=id&desc=1

Major changes and fixes since 4.8.9

- Core

  * Do not link GModule if it is not required (save space on embedded
systems) (#2995)
  * Behavior of the 'Right' key in the 'Directory hotlist' was
changed: now 'Right' key is used only to enter into the group (#3045)

- Misc

  * Code cleanup (#3035)

- Fixes

  * Build failure on Cygwin (#3041)
  * Broken NCurses detection (#3043)
  * Broken handling of mc command line arguments (#3047)
  * Cannot enter into zip archive in tar one (#3034)
  * Cannot open some jar files
  * mcedit: file descriptor leak (#3040)
  * mcedit: paragraph format doesn't respect multibyte characters (#2713)
  * Crash after entering a wrong SFTP password (#3036)

WBR, dev team.

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