Re: mc Digest, Vol 108, Issue 4

| Also as I said I think that Debian does have a functioning mc in its
| repository somewhere.

Well, for me, the most essential utility is gpm, and mc is second.
And since debian considers them as unimportant, we can't work together well.
Plus, I've normally got several mc running, and I need X to show me which
one has which path. And slak has got blackbox/fluxbox which does that.
I can't believe that anybody can use KDE 4 !
|  Another whinge is that the sound chip works, but there is a really
|  annoying loud "pop" when one plays a sound file, and another equally loud
|  "pop" when the file comes to an end. Apparently, this happens because
|  the sound chip is in standby mode by default and the first thing is it
|  has to be turned full on, and then turned full off again. And I have
|  not been able to figure out if there is any way to do a "soft on" and a
|  "soft off" to fix that. At least, a first look at the kernel code did
|  not seem to make it obvious what to do. Probably, if they had gone to
|  the trouble to do something like to install a tiny buffer capacitor on
|  the board it might be able to make this go away. But they didn't.

Capacitors etc. down at AF seems inappropriate. AFAIK it's all done with
hi-freq pulses. I was very pleased with the earphone output of a *.wav,
that I'd generated with some TextToSpeech software.
== Thanks,
PS. didn't you get my direct-mail query re. alpine, since you are a user?

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