Re: FTP to MS ftp server


It is regrettable that the ftp directory listing of MS ftp servers often
use the MS-DOS directory listing format rather than the standard unix

It is much worse that my beloved MC work horse / swiss knife does not
understand that format. PathFinder as well as ForkLift grok that format,
so does FileZilla, FireFTP and probably many others.

There must be other MC users that need to access such ftp sites. How do
they handle this? I really do not want to stick to MC for my day to day

That's easy, just avoid Microsoft servers.  Do you want to catch
something nasty or what?

Actually if you can run Wine, Total Commander works pretty well and
handles different types of FTP servers (I think you can even manually
override its guess).  If you add the e2fs or whatever plugin it works
pretty transparently under Linux.  I've been using it for (gulp) 20
years.  Many similarities to MC since they're both based on Norton
Credit is the root of all evil.  - AB1JX

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