Midnight Commander Guide

Carsten Richter <richter-carsten gmx de> writes:

there are some key bindings which don't work here, maybe due to my
terminal emulator (such as Alt-â). But for sure Ctrl-I doesn't redraw

As someone pointed out, it's a backtick and Ctrl-l. I'll see if I can
conveniently change the font where those key bindings are listed...

the display wenn it's messed up. I need to do the Ctrl-o twice.

ctrl-l is somewhat common and good to remember. I think a bunch of other
Linux programs use it.

I also would like to know how to change the default keybindings.
I was able to change the autocompletion keybinding in an old mc using
the "learn keys" option. But with never ones it's not working

I'm pretty sure there's a way - you'll find it in the release notes for
some release in the last 2-3 years. I think I once found some places
that describe how to change them, but it seemed quite painful. I only
/really/ wanted it to be able to sort files rather than having to go to
the menu - but then they allowed sorting by clicking the headers, and
that sufficed.

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