Re: mc Digest, Vol 101, Issue 2

Sorry about not disabling the default:  "[X] Include quoted text".
Who's got knowledge/experience in using mcedit's facility to:
   pass a block-of-text out of the editors,
   have the block modified,
   and reinsert the modified block back to the edited file?
Eg. like spellcheck and re-format does, via F19.
Putting a further `case-branch` on the 'indent-script' could
cater for the users own extra requirements.
Eg. I often need to do search-and-replace, on a whole block of lines;
but like most normal editors, mcedit's search-and-replace only does 1 line.
Expanding the F19 facility, can potentially do anything with the marked-block
which is passed out. So, to delete the redundantly-repeating block from the
rest of the file, it could create a new file containing only the first
appearance of the block.
My attempts so far have failed. Is it appropriate to discus my small, but
convoluted script on this forum, for a solution?

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