Possible problem with MC_EXT environment variables?


I'm using mc-4.8.5 and when I execute mc.ext on some files, while I
have multiple files selected in the panel, errors are presented such

/tmp/mc-paul/mcextB1iX4l: line 9: foo.bar: command not found
/tmp/mc-paul/mcextB1iX4l: line 11: foo.bar: command not found

I checked the tmp file and line numbers mentioned and "foo.bar"
matches the second file listed in these variables on the script:


The file list is not quoted, maybe that's the problem. Maybe it could
be dangerous if the second selected file is named "rm" or some other
executable. :)

Do you think this is a bug in mc or a problem with my configuration? I
did not notice it happening until now.


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