re: disable mouse sort order?

I'll agree with that... Though that isn't what I meant when I said the
above. Setting a temporary alias inside an xterm, roxterm, Eterm, konsole
or even an actual console such as tty1, would be more work than just typing
the "mc -d" as one would have to do it for each xterm, roxterm etc... where
one intended to use mc. (And speaking for myself, I use mc a _LOT_)

The main reason I don't use mc -d is that I don't remember to do it.
Being able to redefine what "mc" does would help.  Then for the once a
week or so when I actually want the mouse to do something I'd have to
remember the alias (or type alias and pick from the list).

I use x mostly because it lets me have 6 or 9 rxvt windows open and
viewable at once, and I use the mouse to select which one I want to
work in.

And I use FVWM. which doesn't try to run my life, like KDE or Gnome.
So what if I have to manually add things to a menu by editing my
fvwmrc file?  I like being able to click any available spot in the
root window and have a menu pop up.

Also I use tcsh, not bash.  Not sure why exactly, maybe I just like
setenv, but redirecting stderr and stdout is another thing I have to
look up everytime, so that's what man pages are for,  And I usually
boot into OpenBSD, not Linux.

But mc, couldn't live without it.  I used Total Commander in Windows,
Norton Commander in DOS.


Credit is the root of all evil.  - AB1JX

Credit is the root of all evil.  - AB1JX

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