Re: Set sort order to show directories on top.

On 01/31/12 at 10:56pm, sc wrote:
On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 09:39:59PM -0600, Christian Dysthe wrote:

Is it possible to set directory sort order so that directories always is 
shown on top? I can't find that it's possible through the "Sort order..." 
menu item, but if there's another way please let me know.

it's in options:

    - F9 opens menu bar
    - O selects options
    - P selects panel options
    - x selects (or de-selects) "mix all files"

and when set don't forget to write to ~/.mc/ini with

    - F9
    - O
    - s

to save your settings


Thanks, I wasn't been completely accurate describing what I want. I would 
like regular directories shown on top, and hidden (.dir) to follow 
alphabetically. Looks to me that setting "Sort order...> extension" and uncheking
"Mix all files" gets all the regular directories on top althoug the hidden 
ones aren't sorted strickty alphabetically. 


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