Final (?) Version of the Midnight Commander Guide


A few months ago I posted a PDF guide to Midnight Commander to this
list. Thanks everyone for their feedback - I've made minor changes to
it. The final version can be found here:

And the general blog post about it is at:

I know some did not like the fact that it's in PDF. To be honest, it
really was a case of "I have a tool that will let me create this
quickly, so I'll use it". If I had to find a way to do it in HTML, it
would never have been done. 

I have posted an HTML version in the repository:

As well as all the material I used to create it (original org file,
etc). The HTML version clearly could use fixing, but for the most part I
suspect only minor changes are needed and someone well versed in HTML
can clean it up quickly. If anyone does so, I'll be happy to link to


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