Re: mc and ctrl-x

On Wed, 14 Sep 2011 10:35:14 +0200 Ladislav Hagara wrote:
please, is possible to give ctrl-x back as shortcut for extended
keybindings mode. In new stable version [1] you removed it.

Oops, sorry, that is my fault.

According to #2586 [2] you prefer ctrl-x as shortcut for !WordRight
action. Do you have some stats how many users really need it for
!WordRight action?

ctrl-x is removed only in editor. In file manager in main branch
(mc-4.8.0-pre2), it works as before. When I backported #2586 to stable branch,
I removed by mistake the key binding to ExtMap1 action in [main] section
instead of EditExtMode action in [editor] section. And EditExtMode is absent
in keymap file. That is another bug.

Imho, ctrl-x should work as shortcut for extended keybindings mode
again, it is quite used:


You can edit /etc/mc/mc.keymap to restore the ctrl-x behaviour in file manager:
ExtMap1 = ctrl-x

I created a ticket:

Thank you for the bugreport.


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