Re: Recommended version for distributions

2011/10/20 Jakob Gruber <jakob gruber gmail com>

Hi Jakob,

As I'm not sure what the best policy is here, I'd like to ask which
version you recommend for inclusion in distros:
Â* the latest released version (currently 4.8.0), or
Â* latest stable released version (currently

Well, you may select stable/latest versions by yourself. You should use latest versions if you want fetured but brobably unstable application (and for us it's better choice because army of testers will be increased ;). You should use stable versions If you want much stable, but less featured applisation.

Stable/latest version is very usefull for distributives with stable versions such as Debian / Debian Stable, Ubuntu / Ubuntu LTS, Fedora(Rawhide) / RHEL(CentOS) etc. As I know, guys from Gentoo team always included latest version because Gentoo is rolling-release distro.

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