Re: Strange VFS problem

Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
On Tue, 2011-05-17 at 16:20 +0100, Paul Marwick wrote:
Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
On Mon, 2011-05-16 at 10:23 +0100, Paul Marwick wrote:

I've also checked in case it was a lack of space in /tmp, but that
doesn't seem to be the problem at all. If nothing else, one of the files
that MC is failing on is an entire 105 bytes, so it shouldn't need a lot
of space to extract. Files which are not failing are much larger.
Can you provide us with one such small file to see if we can reproduce
the problem or they contain sensitive / personal information?

As requested, here are three of the small files that I have had problems
reading or extracting with Midnight Commander in my backup archive. Hope
they're of some help.
Ok, I'm sorry, I probably didn't understand you correctly. I was
thinking that you have several small archives that mc consistently fails
to extract, but apparently what you meant is that these files that
you've sent me are the ones that mc fails to extract from the big
archive that you have.

Sorry, I may not have explained clearly. The files I sent are ones that mc will not read or extract from the full archive. If I reduce the size of the archive, mc can then read or extract them without problems. The bug seems to be associated with large files. As an example, I just redid my backup, but excluded part of the Gmail backup from it (Gmail handles Imap mail in a _very_ strange way...). The two archives are as below:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 914849050 May 15 08:51 backup-darkstar-20110515-084908.tar.gz -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 477995699 May 18 17:43 backup-darkstar-20110518-174210.tar.gz

In the larger archive, the files I sent cannot be extracted, and attempting to view them does nothing at all. In the smaller archive,

I don't see a way to diagnose the issue without having an example
archive that mc consistently fails to extract.

:) Its a big upload, but if necessary (and if you have somewhere I can upload it too), I can create a similar size archive (just missing a few bits of private information) and upload it. Or see if I can reproduce the problem in a large archive which does not contain any private information.

If you don't have such an archive I don't see where we can go from here.
I guess the easiest would be to try strace / ltrace and see what is
happening when it hangs up, otherwise if you are familiar with debugging
you could probably attach to a process as it gets stuck and see what's
going on there.

Is there somewhere I can find out how to use (and save the output) of strace / ltrace, I'm quite happy to try that. Its more a matter of getting you information that is useful. I use mc a great deal, and would really like to see this problem fixed....

BTW, sorry if I was replying privately rather than to the list - Gmail handles lists in a very strange way. I may have to find some other Imap service I can use - it gets quite confusing at time when it comes to mailing lists.


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