Re: home and end key on command prompt

On Fri, 2011-05-13 at 17:14 +0200, Roman B. wrote: 
oops, I automatically pressed reply button, will pay attention to it
in the future.

If your client does not support lists per se, you can use "Reply to all"
button to be on the safe side (if even this function is not present, you
shouldn't use this e-mail client).

in such cases the problem is that it's not so easy to identify the
corresponding man page. that's why normally I go to google.

This is a common misconception, now that internet became so pervasive.
First thing that you should always try is 

$ man program

and /keyword that you are looking for. Often the results are much more
focused and relevant for obvious reasons than google hits.

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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