Re: mc Digest, Vol 85, Issue 1

Thanks, that fixed it.
And related: the mc-officianado suggested that the new mc could do 'this';
well I've just installed Slak13, with a newish mc, and I can't see how to.

I want to know where each of about 20 mc is.
Ie. a list of <path where mc's active panel is> , <Desktop,terminal pair>.

Coincidentally ~/.mc/filepos   now shows:  ...
/mnt/p11/April2010/FetchScript 3;1
/mnt/p11/Econ/OwnBanks/GquasiPrtnSA2 1;0
/mnt/p11/Debug/Zonnon4smtp/ifL 3;0
and if
/mnt/p11/April2010/FetchScript 3;1
  meant that, THAT <path> currently was accessible by switching to
 desktop3, VT1;   that's exactly what I want.

I wonder WHAT the 'pair' corresponding to the <path> in ~/.mc/filepos
  DOES mean?

Obviously each open `mc` is known to the mc-system.
But I guess it's known by its pid.
And that is obtainable from: lsof | grep mc.
And mc doesn't have to worry about the desktop,VT allocation.
That's the job of the windowsManager: kde or whatever.
So I don't believe that mc-files have the answer of which Desktop, VT
 any mc is occuppying. So I should'nt tear my guts out trying?


== Chris Glur.

On 5/9/11, Jesús J. Guerrero Botella <jesus guerrero botella gmail com> wrote:
2011/5/9 chris glur <crglur gmail com>:
This FC1>kde>mc>mcedit has a M$-wizardy-type feature, which
annoys me. Whenever I cut a "http://"; for later pasteing,
a 'wizard pops up' <can I fetch this webpage for you now sir>.
I don't know if it's in mcedit or mc or kde or ...

Off-topic, but what you are seeing here is probably klipper, which is
the kde cut buffer manager. It sits in the system tray and its default
icon look like a pair of scissors. There's a setting in the klipper
config to disable this kind of automatic action, or you could just
remove it from your startup list (look in systemsettings, the kde
control panel, for that).

Jesús Guerrero Botella

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