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On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Keith Roberts wrote:

On Mon, 20 Sep 2010, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:

To: Keith Roberts <keith karsites net>
From: Yury V. Zaytsev <yury shurup com>
Subject: Re: MC in console

On Mon, 2010-09-20 at 21:02 +0100, Keith Roberts wrote:

There must be a way to disable the splash screen, and boot
in text/psuedo text mode, so you see your services starting?

Try passing 'nomodeset' as a kernel parameter at boot time.
See if you can disable the splash screen thing?

Why would I do this? I am quite sure that there must be other ways to
find out whether it's a frame-buffered console or not.

I can switch to console anytime using CTRL+ALT+F1, btw.

OK :)

Check for the presence of "/dev/fb0 /dev/fb1 ..." These should only be present if framebuffers have been enabled.

From the command-line: "fbset" will give you the current framebuffer
resolution, allow you to modify resolution and colour depth, or give an error if no framebuffer devices are present.

To disable the splash screen (on a Slackware system), one must edit "/etc/lilo.conf". Modifying the config file for "grub" should achieve the same for other distributions.

To boot to the command-line instead of a GUI you must change the default runlevel to "3" instead of "4". On a Slackware system, edit "/etc/initab". Other sistributions will be the same or at least similar.


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