Re: mc Digest, Vol 77, Issue 7

On Tue, 2010-09-14 at 02:43 +0200, chris glur wrote:

I understand a 'session' to be from logon to logoff.
I believe you mean 'one VT/console' ?

By "session" I mean from the moment you start mc in a vt or console to
the moment you exit mc.

That's fantastic! So why is it never discussed? No heavy duty
users here, who would need it - I doubt that.

It is discussed in the manual page (man mc) and was mentioned in the
NEWS file for this release.

For the typical use that I've described you'd want allso the
mc/S which were open in a path, ready for use on 'that' project,
even if no file was current being viewed, edited.

You can keep this kind of mc's in one screen session. Multi-screen patch
does not allow you to have more than one "panels" screen running in one
instance of mc (at this moment).

What are the 'steps' to exercise your described feature?

man mc | grep "Screen selector"

Are you refering to screen's ability to show multiple files or
multiple copies of one file, on a single display, so you would not
have multiple screens open with a single one visible?


Do you really think I'd overlook such a trivial improvement,
if it was possible?
All I'm able to do on this: FC1 > konqueror
 is reset the default:
I can't change the subject-field.

Damn it, hats off, man!!! 

From which era your mail client is coming if it doesn't even have a
"Reply to all" button, not even speaking about the ability to change the
Subject: field which was present in Evolution since day zero?!

Maybe you'd better use mc / mcedit as your mailer, as, at least, it
allows you to specify the subject of the messages.
Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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