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On Wed, 3 Nov 2010, Alexander Oberhuber wrote:


Someone did not understand my last question.
Let me rephrase:
When I use MC, how do I change the default numbers-of-characters that are being used for displaying the "filesize"-column? As standard, the filesize is displayed 7 characters wide (if I have counted it correctly). Where do I change the default length of the filesize column, preferably for both tabs?

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I think the quick answer is to open the "Listing mode" dialogue box:

    f9 > Left(Right) > Listing mode

simply append a colon ":" and number (with no spaces) to the field you want to define. Available fields are detailed somewhere in the embedded help file.

My settings fix the filesize field at 12 characters, and two other fields at 5 chars.

  Listing mode
  (*) User defined:
      half type name | size:12 | mtime | owner:5 | group:5 | mode


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