Re: Colors on MC are *really* a mess

* Yury V. Zaytsev <yury shurup com> [100317 01:37]:
Needs to be fixed...

What do you say? Any of you folks that are Close To The Iron for MC
want to step up to the plate and point me in the right direction?


  I'm almost to the point where I have a "readable" MC.
  The only problem remaining (I believe) is the dotfiles 
  (hidden files beginning with a ".") and what I *think* is a
  default highlight group are in gray and very hard for me to
  read again a blue or black background.
  files with .theme, .odt, extensions.
  unrecognized extensions
  file with no extension
  all are gray and still hard to read.
  Can't find a keyword or keywords for them.
tim johnsons-web com

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