Colors on MC are *really* a mess

FYI: OS is slack 13.0 32-bit.

Before I start bitchin' let me say the following to the good:

1)MC is my favorite application
2)I would be lost without MC
3)They'll take away my MC when they pry it from my cold, dead
4)I can't say enough about how much I appreciate the developers who
are currently working on MC, as well as those who have preceded them
and those who may succeed them. And since I am a former C
programmer, (hold that thought) that deepens my admiration for the
5)And since I have a hard time reading MC and I rely on it so much
that deepens my frustration.

Now for the rant: 

1)Color control and syntax highlighting is a real problem for me. It
is worse than ever and setting colors in MC has always been
difficult (for me).

2)I do not believe that the documentation in the "Colors" section of
the MC manfile is current. I will give some examples:

Keyword Directory: Doesn't work. It is white on all configurations
that I have attempted. The following ini sample:
"directory=<foreground>,<background>" just plain doesn't work for
me. Neither do the similar controls for symlinks.

Files of type txt/html/xml - I can't find any controls at all. They are
all of a very low contrast on a dark background. I can't find any
documentation for the appropriate keyword. 

And if a light background is configured: Guess what! I can't see the
directories at all, because........
You guess it! They're white!
Now, Gentle Reader, before you decide to dismiss this as an idle
rant by someone who has nothing better to do, let me tell you that
my up-close vision is not that good and I need lots of contrast and
I need to be able to change the background based on ambient
lighting. I'm so far-sighted that I can see a wart on a bear's ass
from a hundred yards (and that is no hyperbole, guess where I live),
but not so good when it comes to my computer monitor.

I have a proposal: Remember that I said I was a former C programmer?
I could get back into C enough to resolve some of those problems if
someone could help me to to find where the color controls are at.
And while I'm at it, I could help to flesh out the documentation.

What do you say? Any of you folks that are Close To The Iron for MC
want to step up to the plate and point me in the right direction?

And maybe on the way I can find out what the f***in' ctrl-h key
doesn't work on my machine.....

tim johnsons-web com

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