Re: Bug in internal viewer in mc 4.7.1

On Sat, 6 Mar 2010, Reynir Stefansson wrote:

If I start a search *at* the beginning of a file and it proves futile,
why would I want to search again *from* the beginning?

Indeed. For that matter, why would I want to continue a search after finding one or more occurrences of the search string, and then have it automatically loop back to the top of the file and find the first occurrence a second time? I would find it more logical, understandable, and actually useful if search would start at the top of the file, progress downward as the search for the same string is repeated, and quit when it reaches the bottom of the file. It appears to me from several recent uses that it is in fact looping around to the top of the file, which is a bit strange.

I am aware that some other search functionality acts this way, for example in Firefox it does loop around. But Midnight Commander is not Firefox and is not used for the same purposes.

BTW, whoever fixed the bug about "persistence" of a search from one file to another does get my thanks! The latest version of MC that I got now will keep the same search instead of forcing one to re-type it every time.

Theodore Kilgore

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