Re: How-To: control "colors specific filetypes are listed in???

It would appear that on Jul 4, Andrew Borodin did say:

File types are described in /etc/mc/filehighlight.ini.
File type colors are described in skin files (/usr/share/mc/skins/*.ini)
in [filehighlight] section.

You can create your skin in ~/.mc/skins directory (~/.mc/skins/myskin.ini,
for example) and rewrite the skin key in ~/.mc/ini config file:


Ahhh figures... I knew you guys were going to make me learn about those
durned skins sooner or later... 

I don't suppose I could define a skin key with only the "[filehighlight]"
section and get default values for everything else??? Otherwise, once I
specify "skin=myskin" in ~/.mc/ini, will the "[Colors]" section of the
same ~/,mc/ini, take precidence over the ones in the "[Core]" section of 
the skin's ini file????

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