How-To: control "colors specific filetypes are listed in???

I'm not really asking how to use the form of:


Which in /root/.mc/ini: is enough to keep me from mistaking an mc session 
opened with "su -c mc" from a normal blue screen user session...

The problem is the colors mc lists some of the different file-types as.
I don't really mind the directories being listed with white text, though 
I'd like control over that. The real problem is the dark yellow that *.txt 
files show up in. (and I use the term 'show up' _VERY_ loosely...) With the 
above [Colors] section the *.txt filenames are almost completely unreadable. 

In order to read one I usually wind up either pointing at it with the
{What do you call that file selection bar anyway?} or toggling marked
with "*"...

How does mc decide which color to display each file-type as???

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