Re: Mc Digest, Vol 69, Issue 21

The query:--
 I've asked this more than once, and never once got any answer, so ask again
 now that I'm using 4.7.x. Find file on native ext2 & ext3 (the only native
 filesystems I ever use) finds and lists the same file many  many many many
 many many many many many many times, each time with a different numeric:
 prefix. Sometimes the same filename shows for several PgDns, I'm guessing
 over 200 or more times. Sometimes it takes several minutes to search the
 search results.
My opinion:-
You need to take a broader view. Think cost-benefit.
We are increasingly noticeing "my previous version was OK but his mc
has got problem X".
This comes from adding features. Entropy is an undisputable law of the universe.
I too 'got too many hits of a file which I'd cloned to several
directories, when I searched'.
For seldom needed requirements like yours, the 'users own utilities
menu' is intended and appropriate.

What we must NOT do is add in every new quirky requirement to mc.
BTW I haven't yet found out how to eg. search for "p/.q" in the all
files of the current dir-tree.
AFAIK the 2 chars "/."  influences the regex 'calculation'.
And then their's something about sfprint/? format.
We just have to work-around and find solutions to the problems that popup.
Aiming for the mc which does 'everything' is not advised.
Probably a small customised script using 'ls ***" & "| uniq" would do.

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