Re: Core dump when press Ctrl-\

On Friday 22 January 2010, Rashid N. Achilov wrote:

Try to compile and test mc 4.7.0 on FreeBSD 6.4-PRE. Yes, in FreeBSD 7.x 
console takes many changes - i.e. bug with "wild mc" appeared again. What is 
a bug? When run mc in xterm and close xterm window without exiting mc, mc 
goes in "wild" state - it eats CPU and seriously holds box up. In 6.x this 
bug does not appeared. 
In 7.x commandline in mc in xterm was "white on balck" (as in console), but 
6.x and all previous it was "black in white".

Yuppp! In 6.4-PRE "Ctrl-\" bug does not appeared! 

Sorry, people, this strange bug disappeared, when I build mc with libslang :-)
   With Best Regards.
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