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Subject: Re: won't save hotlist

I just noticed that the 4.7.0-pre4 I built about a month ago, on a less used install, does not save the 
hotlist.  You can make changes and they stay in memory, but ~/.mc/hotlist is not updated; I'm having to edit 
it manually.

Check permissions on ls -alsR ~/.mc ?

Nope.  It does save the ini file there as appropriate.  Also, I run root.  In any case, I chmod'd the hotlist 
and the directory to 777 but no luck.

One thing I find a little strange here is that it appears to keep a copy of the hotlist in memory, since it 
will add an entry, and the entry stays there until you exit.  But it is not written into the hotlist file.  
Here's something else wierd about that: if I manually edit the hotlist file, the change is immediately 
reflected in mc AND any new entry added via mc is gone.  I presume it checks the mtime or something and 
decides whether to reload or use the copy maintained in memory.

MK <halfcountplus intergate com>
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I noticed that when editing the hotlist by hand on Fedora 12, using mcedit from mc, I had to close any other instances of mc, and start them again to get them to read the edited hotlist. So it appears that mc only reads the hotlist when it first starts?


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