Re: replace mcedit with emacsclient without chaning $EDITOR

On Sun, 7 Feb 2010 12:10:17 -0500 Haines Brown KB1GRM ET1 wrote:
The way to do this typically seems to change the value of the variable 
$EDITOR, but I don't want to do that system-wide, but only for mc, so 
that F4 brings up emacsclient to edit files, and nano is the default 
editor system-wide.

How would I manage to do that? Unable to find help.

MC contains two wrappers for bash: /etc/bashrc.d/ and /usr/lib/mc/
The same wrappers are exist for csh. But in your MC build that scripts
can be located in different places. You can redefine the EDITOR variable
in one of them.


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