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On Sun, 29 Aug 2010, Thomas Dickey wrote:

On Sun, 29 Aug 2010, Helmut Hullen wrote:

Hallo, Keith,

keith karsites net meinte am 29.08.10 in mc zum Thema Re: Editing with mc:

1) I don't know a short cut key to get to the beginning or to
the end of a file I'm editing, what am I missing?

CTRL-Home will move you to the top of the file you are editing.
CTRL-End ditto end of file.

That's what I'm expecting, but the cursor moves only to the
beginning or the end of the line!


       echo $TERM

tells "xterm" (running the machine via "putty").

Maybe that's the reason. When I go to the real keyboard (and not via
"putty") then "echo $TERM" tells "linux", and Ctrl-end works as
described. With old and new versions of mc.

I use konsole terminal emulator part of KDE, under XFCE.


Ctrl keys work OK on konsole.

Under "putty" most (nearly all) ctrl keys work. Only "ctrl end" and
"ctrl home" seem to resist.

I would expect the individual control keys to work.  However, control
as a modifier to function keys appears to have no effect with putty.

Thomas E. Dickey
mc mailing list


I am also using Slackware (current) and running mc from the Slackware 
package mc-20100509_git-i486-1. I just double-checked to make sure that I 
do not have this problem, and indeed I do not have the problem in 
TERM=linux nor in TERM=xterm.

I did have previously some problems with the Ctrl and Alt keys, though. 
Namely in the xterm the Alt key was not operating properly and I had to 
adopt some kind of fix. More specifically, the Alt-s key combination, 
and such like things, did not work at all. Instead, one had to use 
Ctrl-s to get the same results. This was all very nice, but Alt-o mapped 
to Ctrl-o which has a meaning already, and so on. So, it was a bunch of 

The above problem seems to have been related, essentially, to the problem 
that X has switched over to Unicode key maps.

Just in case that the problem with Ctrl-End and Ctrl-Home is also related, 
here is what I had to do to fix my problem:

Create a local .Xdefaults file in my home directory, with the following 
line in it

XTerm*metaSendsEscape:  true

If this does not fix the weird problem then one might hope that perhaps 
something similar will.

Theodore Kilgore

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