problem with file highlight


This is my first post here. Today I upgraded my system and mc was
upgraded too to version 4.7.0. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.

My problem is that the colors have changed since version 4.6.2. Now
file/dir highlights don't work, everything is gray. I would like to
see my directories in white, executables in green, etc.

I figured out that we can use skins. I tried the global ones under
/usr/share/mc/skins, they work. So I copied default.ini to
~/.mc/skins/custom.ini an in mc.ini I changed "skin=custom.ini". If I
understand well, the interesting part is this:


Here the colors seem to be OK, but mc doesn't take them into account.
However, if I change this for instance:


The text becomes red, so custom.ini is read but somehow the part
[filehighlight] is not processed.

Do you have any idea how to get back the good old colors?



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