Colors on MC are *really* a mess, seconded


Mc user ever since the beginning. Running on Debian Sid.
Which upgraded mc to

And the colors are a *mess* as I reported to Debian userlist:

Nothing now works as before. As noted on this list:
and a recent Debian bug:

My color scheme was in the ini file:


That translates in to something that gives an instantaneous splitting headache.

And I know the answer you have: use skins.

But there are no skins with a light background. The only skins I found are with a black background, which I 
cannot read. I reported what I found in my post to Debian userlist.

Which leaves me with using the default skin, all blue. And that is progress? Creating a new skin takes days 
and repeated clarification requests because there is no documentation. E.g. when I take the default skin and 

#    _default_=lightgray;blue

then the effect is startling: directory entries turn bright-white and in mcedit all text is black on white 
with a blue background, which looks ridiculous. And that is changing just one line in a skin! Where is that 

When you replace a much used function by something entirely different, at least provide a spectrum of 
options. Now I am back to basic blue until some good soul comes up with a decent skin. I just found 2 user 
developed skins: elite_commander and bluemoon, both with black backround: unreadable.

This is holding back my Debian upgrade, unless I pin mc at 4.6.2-pre1 to prevent a replacement of mc by until some time in the future when skins have been developed by users.

BTW I still use mc 4.1.40-pre8 developed by Oleg "Olegarch" Konovalov:
only for one reason: it fills in the 'To' field in copy and move operations which still hasn't made it into 
the official mc. If the 'To' field is complex, I have to write it down because your dialog box hides it.

Hugo Vanwoerkom


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