Re: Question about auto-save setup

Hallo, Juan,

Du meintest am 15.09.09 zum Thema Question about auto-save setup:

In the 4.6.* days I used to disable the "Auto save setup" feature so
that way every time I started mc it showed the current working
directory on the left panel and a default location on the second one.
I'm not sure if that was a feature or not, but I really miss it on
the new version.

The steps to reproduce this on 4.6.1 were:

1- Configure mc the way I want it and disabling "Auto save setup".
2- Save the configuration.
3- In the right panel go to /my/preferred/directory
4- Position left panel.
5- Save the configuration.

Is there a way to do the same thing on the 4.7.* versions?

May be "panels.ini" is the bad guy who disturbs "auto_save_setup=no".

"~/.mc/ini" leaves unchanged, but "~/.mc/panels.ini" is changed on and  

Perhaps I make "panels.ini" write-protected ...

1) go (left and right) into the desired standard directories,
2) go left
3) exit mc

4)    lsattr +i ~/.mc/panels.ini

("lsattr -i" unprotects)

It's a bad hack, I know.

Viele Gruesse!

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