Re: Mc Digest, Vol 67, Issue 4

]>> Debian Lenny 2009 to my spare box. I'm running as root and
]>Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:-
]] >Which version of mc is this?
] >I can't see. But it came with Deb 2009 CD.
] >/usr/bin/mc is 379'984 ? 386-code

Current Lenny version is: 554664
Yes it looked something like that

]>/usr/lib/mc/FAC has a 1996 News post from J.Kukonlehto,
]>and mc.tcl dated 1997 [last update],

- there is no /usr/lib/mc/FAC in Etch, Lenny, Squeeze, Sid
 neither an /usr/lib/mc/FAQ
I thought it strange that the FAQ was so old.

- the same for /usr/lib/mc/mc.tcl

Really sure that mc is from an Debian Lenny installation?
My oberon [the good OS] collaborator, friend sent the CD from the other
 side of the world. So It's home made.

]>Frank Dietrich wrote:
]>Maybe a missed library? What does ldd /usr/bin/mc say?
]>/usr/bin/ldd : line 117 : /usr/bin/mc: no such fl or dir

What does 'file /usr/bin/mc' mean about the file type?

As expected it's a:
ELF executable,  dynamically linked,
         'stripped' <---?
The test-box is old and perhps the CD is 'inconsistent' ?
I wrote my own bash-script mini-mc with one screen showing part of 'ls -l',
which I'll post here later -- for suggested refinements.

So far it does: E[dit, V[iew, C[opy, M[kdir, cD[ir, U[cd ../, Q[uit
 and I'd like to know if/how to make it quit to the last pwd which was present
while running, rather than to the pwd existing before it started ?

I can 'chroot <mntpoint> mc' to another old installation, but I get strange
= the VT hangs, & top shows that modprobe is busy. After some minutes
 modprobe is finished and the chroot-ed mc is running OK.

The only app. more important than mc is gpm, which I have get from chroot to.

I'm very dissapointed how kernel 2.6x and newstuff has bloated, like that
other OS.

== TIA

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