Re: cooledit: write block to File ?

Hi Chris,

chris glur <crglur gmail com> wrote:
But I'm getting stupid:    to extract a block
and write it to a file, I've been juggling with
'head' & 'tail' [I can't see how to get bash
to calculate ( $3 - $2 ) for the piece which I
need to save - instead of having to do the
subtraction manually].

Then it occured to me that simplest of editors
can mark-a-block and save it !

Don't hesitate, ask here, before you start blaming. ;-)

Your feature is already build in.

- open your file you want to copy from in edit mode
- mark the block you want to save in a separate file
- press CTRL-F to specify the directory and filename for your file and
confirm it

And that's it.

# to resolve all your problems, try this
perl -e 'print '$HOWTO

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