cooledit: write block to File ?

mc > cooledit has the same lookNfeel as DOS > nc
had 20-30 years ago; which is convenient !
But I'm getting stupid:    to extract a block
and write it to a file, I've been juggling with
'head' & 'tail' [I can't see how to get bash
to calculate ( $3 - $2 ) for the piece which I
need to save - instead of having to do the
subtraction manually].

Then it occured to me that simplest of editors
can mark-a-block and save it !

Is it possible that cooledit can't do this
with it's default settings ?

BTW I've modified the default:
 <F9> / command / External Formatter,
for some other requirement,
and it's this group of commands which
handles the marked block.
Let's see if/how 'write date' works ?
Mon 30 Mar 2009 05:14:14 PM SAST
Wow, there another new facility - found
after decades of usage !


== Chris Glur.

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