Re: mc v 4.5.55 shows strange bug

Chris Glur wrote:
It just so happens that I generate/save a lot like:-
which semms ok.

Decoding the 'regex-decoding' in the mc 'script'
is hard work, for me.

After weeks of trying to bribe myself to do so, I finally sat down and took a look at the regex for man pages.

As far as I can tell, foo.l, foo.n, foo.3, foo.3a and foo.3bar will all be treated as man pages. Filenames like foo.3.1 and foo.313 will not be so treated. Probably the simplest solution, assuming machine-generated and -parsed filenames, is to change the names from 'newsgroup.nnn' to something like 'newsgroup.1.nnn' or 'newsgroup.00nnn'.

Regex is a write-only languish.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)
Make love, make war, make cookies. Just not at the same time.

       (Old Amazon saying, "A Different Art" by Gregg Sharp)

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