Re: Mc Digest, Vol 63, Issue 1

The F4 (search and replace) routine is not working as it used to do.
 ... snip..
 ( ) proMpt on replace
 ( ) replace All

Yes I've only started to use that lately.
For my version the 2 toggles [via mouse] are independant,
although the concepts are not: if all are to be replaced,
you can't be prompted ?

Search is not preserved during one mc session from one file to the next
 (this also is the case if you opened the files with F4 (edit) as well as
 with F3 (view)).
Is a 'session' from boot to logout ?
How many mc's would you have running, for a session
 of 3 days and 3+ 3+ 3 = 9 hours ?
I had confusion, that F2-menu-update seemed not preserved.
But found that some mcS were using 'local' and others
were using 'system-wide' *.mnu.

BTW I'm amazed at the silence on my query of how to quickly see which
of the possibly 20 or more different panels, is [alredy] set to a
[newly become important] dir-path. Don't other users have >20 panels open ?

An elaborate processing of output of 'lsof & ps *' would only give the
active panels of each mc-pair, leaving the in-active half unknown.

So what I'm using is:
= when I change dir I [should be disciplined to] do: F2 / p
   which prompts for 'Desktop & VT' pair,
  and for input 22, writes eg. " 22
/mnt/cdrom/Inet/Panelize "   to a file.
Entering '0' clears the file.

= at any stage executing 'P' displays the file, so that the 3-line
entry above means that if I want to access the dir [I consider them
like objects-of-OOD] 'Panelize'  or 'TLC/PreApr09' I know that 'the
book is aready open there: Dskptop2, VT2 !!
With mc's existing facilities this whole 'tracking system' requires
just a few characters of programming.

mc allows truely highest-level programming !?

== Chris Glur.

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