Re: Define a shortcut key for search

* Caj Zell <caj zell swipnet se> wrote:

On Jan 29, 2009, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
* Mark Ryden <markryde gmail com> schrieb:

For now, hotkeys are hardcoded, so you'll have to change the code.
Is there an reasonable interest in configurable key bindings ?

Yes, very much so. Changing sort order and toggling of hidden files view
would be very nice to have the possibility of configuring your own, or
at least to have as shortcuts (in that case, preferably the ones Total
Commander have chosen).

I'm currently thinking of some tiny generic library for this, 
which does like this:

a) commands have names (maybe even cmdline args ?)
b) hotkeys are mappings between keycodes and commands
c) menus/buttons map to command names
d) the mappings can be loaded from external files

But: using command names doesnt necessarily mean that every time
strings have to be passed and parsed, instead an simple function
could construct a direct pointer list where the caller works on.

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