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Hi, folks.

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Major changes since 4.6.2:


    * Native UTF-8 support;
    * Scalable TUI;
    * Added support for skins;
    * Added support for key bindings;
    * Added the ability to sort files by mouse click on column header;
    * Added keybindings to change files sorting order via shortcuts
(PanelSelectSortOrder, PanelToggleSortOrderPrev,
PanelToggleSortOrderNext, PanelReverseSort, PanelSortOrderByName,
PanelSortOrderByExt, PanelSortOrderBySize, PanelSortOrderByMTime);
    * Now the indicator of the sorting type and sorting direction is
always drawn on the panel header (sorting direction indicator is drawn
near the current column in the long file list mode only);
    * Skin files: added new parameters 'sort-sign-up' and
'sort-sign-down' in the section '[widget-common]' to change the
indicator of the sorting order;
    * Added option 'extensions_case' to the filehighlight.ini file;
    * Menu engine was reimplemented: 1) now the menu is built
dynamically, 2) the shortcut displayed in the menu item is not a part of
the menu item text and it is synchronized with the keybindings defined
in mc.keymap file;
    * Removed own popt stuff (command line options parser), now using
glib parser;
    * Added filename highlighting in the panels;
    * Copy/Move overwrite query dialog is more friendly to the long file
    * On the first run the find file dialog now contains latest item
from history;
    * Charset support enabled by default (--enable-charset option);
    * Added cyclic menu navigation;
    * Changed the behavior of C-space: now it calculate size on "..",
and for selected dirs if there are any;
    * New find file option: find only first hit in file (make search
    * New find file option: whole words (find whole words only);
    * Support for the filename charset selection in panels;
    * Reworked 'Find File' dialog;
    * New unified search/replace engine with multiple search types:
plain, wildcard, regexp and hex;
    * Extended 'Learn Keys' capability;
    * Locale-based codepage autodetection;
    * Initial support for Doxygen generated docs;
    * Build system updates (autoconf);
    * Translation updates;
    * Multiple x86_64 fixes.

    * Fixed viewing the *.tar files with a colon in the name;
    * Now 'exit' command on non-local filesystems is allowed;
    * Added partial support for Microsoft CAB archives;
    * Added support for *.ico files;
    * Added support for *.djvu files;
    * Fixed segfaults in various cases while browsing various VFSs;
    * Fixed warnings when file is copied inside the archive;
    * Fixed the recognition of the *.tar.xz archives;
    * Added the recognition of the lzma archives by extension;
    * Added support for IPv6 protocol in FTPFS;
    * Updated extfs/iso9660 to support Joliet "UCS level 1".

    * Added scrolled percentage in status bar (only in "simple
statusbar" mode);
    * Fixed misbehaving rectangular selection in the editor (when
selecting from right to left and/or bottom to top);
    * Split editor menu 'Command' to 'Command' and 'Format';
    * Added option 'Check POSIX new line' into 'Save mode...' dialog,
add notification before save when no newline at EOF;
    * Added keybindings ('EditShiftBlockLeft', 'EditShiftBlockRight')
for shift block;
    * Fixed incorrect drawing CJK (double width) characters;
    * Enhanced 'Save as' dialog by allowing to select the line breaks
type: Windows/UNIX/Mac (CR LF/LF/CR);
    * Updated syntax highlighting for VerilogHDL, Shell script, mail, html;
    * Added syntax highlighting for yum *.repo files, pacman's PKGBUILD
and .install files, erlang, ebuild, named, strace, j;
    * New search/replace flag added "In selection";
    * New hotkeys for bookmarks, now bookmark is displayed in status
line and editor;
    * New cursor behavior: option "Cursor beyond end of line" allows
moving the cursor beyond the end of line.
    * Various editor enhancements (mark/move/copy/paste vertical blocks);
    * Source code navigation through ctags/etags TAGS files;
    * New option: 'Persistent selection';
    * Delete/Backspace deletes selected block if 'Persistent selection'
is off;
    * Ability to shift blocks to the right with Tab key and to the left
with Complete key if 'Persistent selection' is off;
    * Show line numbers (optional);
    * Highlighting of tabs and trailing spaces (optional);
    * Added some hotkeys.

    * Fixed tabs alignment;
    * Fixed view of next/prev file;
    * Fixed showing Windows/Mac (CR LF/CR) line terminator;
    * Reworked to improve the performance;
    * Implemented interruptible long-distance movements;
    * Splitted src/view.[ch] into many files in src/viewer/ subdir to
simplify the support of the codebase;
    * Fixed building of the format string at runtime (for better i18n);
    * Added 'Whole words' option to the viewer 'Search' dialog.

    * Shared clipboard for the mc editor, form fields, panel and command
    * Refactoring: now all filename constants are placed in
src/fileloc.h file;
    * Testing & development: added ability for change user config dir.
For example, type make CFLAGS='-DMC_USERCONF_DIR=\".mc2\"';
    * Changed Alt+Backspace behavior in command line;
    * Hotlist: support for the environment variables ($HOME, ~username,
    * Hotlist: support for the completion in path input;
    * All list widgets: support for the fast navigation by number keys
(i.e. 1 - first list item, 2 - second item etc.);
    * New option mouse_close_dialog, if mouse_close_dialog=1 clicking
outside of the dialog closes them;
    * New: SI-based size display;
    * Shared history for find file, editor search/replace, viewer;
    * Show free space on the current file system;
    * Show size of the selected files in the mini-status bar.

    * Fixed broken building under uclibc < 0.9.29;
    * Autoindent regression;
    * Viewer Hex editor regression;
    * Incorrect indentation block when selecting with F3 + keys;
    * Fixed ownership of the config files;
    * fixed broken option check '--disable-vfs-undelfs';
    * Learn keys: fixed incorrect save of keys configuration;
    * Fixed bug with 'The shell is already running a command';
    * Fixed 'B' artefact into OpenSuse root user console;
    * Segfault on incorrect color pair in [Color] section;
    * Incorrect position of panel codeset dialog;
    * Limit file size display to 9 digits only;
    * Lines drawing in -a stickchars mode;
    * Segfault when you try to use non-anonymous FTP;
    * Ctrl-O handling under GNU Screen in altscreen mode;
    * Support for CP866 (IBM866) locale;
    * checking for minimal version of glib and exit if
version less than 2.6;
    * Segfault by mouse wheel action in history list and menu;
    * Fixed behavior of Meta+PgDn? in editor;
    * Fixed behavior of the cursor movement by Ctrl+arrows when cursor
is beyond EOL;
    * Fixed editor autocompletion;
    * Fixed stealing the Kill Word shortcut by the Copy/Move dialog;
    * Fixed autoconf issue when configure with --with-gpm-mouse option;
    * Linking error with --enable-vfs-undelfs;
    * External editor won't open if there are spaces in EDITOR variable;
    * C-c kill mc if mc built with --without-subshell option and is run
with -d option;
    * Directory hotlist rendering;
    * Segfault on empty replace string;
    * Fixes for vfs/tarfs;
    * Removed bashizm from vfs/extfs/u7z;
    * Crash mc on create new file (Shift-F4) in external editor;
    * File copy/move dialog: asterisks are now handled as search groups
in the in replacement field;
    * VFS: Fixed SIGSERV (or heap corruption) on long filenames;
    * Restore correct current directory after switching from the Info
panel to List panel;
    * Fixed broken backwards search;
    * Fixed uninitialized value for mouse event in in
find.c#check_find_events() function;
    * Fixed Ctrl+Z signal handling;
    * Fixed incorrect prompt display;
    * Fixed incorrect vertical selection (if status line is switched on);
    * Fixed screen resize handle if mouse support is disabled;
    * Fixed mouse support in 'konsole-256color' terminal;
    * Fixed keycodes in 'xterm-256color' terminal;
    * Fixed incorrect regexp search by content in 'file find' dialog
    * Fixed incorrect backwards search;
    * Fixed incorrect detection of the compressed patchfs;
    * Fixed incorrect detection of the codeset when <no translation>
codeset is selected;
    * Editor undo fixes;
    * Upstreamed many fixes from the distributions (Debian, ...);
    * Fixed segfaults on fish permission checks;
    * Fixed fish symlinks handling and fancy names escaping;
    * Various mc.ext fixes;
    * Command line completion fixes (mainly escaping);
    * Small fixes in history handling (locale independent .mc/history
    * Code cleanups, various memleaks fixed (many thanks to valgrind).

MC dev team hopes to bring MC users exciting usage experience... ;)

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

WBR, dev-team.
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