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Exactly what I had HOPED/tried to say:
monster-browser= application-centric;
mc= data centric.

Applications have short lives & relate to the latest buzz-word "experience".
Data has long life & if you lose your data, you're screwed.
I'm getting to like some of the facilities of kde.
For me kde, wraps multiple msS which each wrap a dir.
The ultimate items of value are the files.
I.e. a data centric view.
Which is [just by coincidence] the O.O. view:
 the 'methods'/fetch-utilities can change: I use a script of lists of URLs, via
lynx -dump '<URL>' >> accuimulator
to fetch most httpS, these days.
I've been continually refining my 'fetch utilities'.
So, you don't want your data to be married to it's fetcher.

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I prefer a data-view: where I have my projects in directories, where I
accumulate the various emails, newsArticles, http, own-notes ..etc. for the
specific project.
So therefore the 'directory-tree & files manager', i.e. mc, becomes
the *center*;
and the fetchers just serves mc.

There is nothing about a data-centric view that means you need one
megalithic app to do everything.  Your desire for such a program is, in
fact, APPLICATION CENTRIC.  This is a far dumber trend in contemporary
interfaces (eg, both kinds of IDE or any other package software with the
word "integrated" in it) than anything to do with the web.

I really hope never to see the day of the "Integrated Data Browsing and
Retrieval Environment".  mc is a nice lite highly functional filebrowser.
The world does not need more BLOATWARE.

MK <halfcountplus intergate com>


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