Re: annoyances which seem to arise from Unicode

On Sun, 19 Apr 2009 00:49:40 -0500 (CDT)
Theodore Kilgore <kilgota banach math auburn edu> wrote:

1 a. One might think that, well, root also should have a copy of the 
.Xdefaults file. So to anticipate this suggestion let me point out right 
now that it does not help. To be sure, it will help if one starts X as 
root, but not if one has started X as a user and then has opened an xterm 
and switched over to be root in that xterm. In this event, the root user's 
copy of the .Xdefaults file is obviously either not read, or is 

When you do sudo / su command, xterm does not change ownership - it's just a
(ran by user)terminal emulator, so user's(not root's) .Xresources is used.
If you run xterm as root(isn't 'sudo su' enought?) - then yes, your root is normal X client,
he must be configured properly.

You might have configuration problems with ~/.inputrc or /etc/inputrc
(readline library configuration, used by bash).
My /etc/inputrc:

2. If one has two machines (for example, home and office) and has the same 
userid on both and if one does something like ssh (other machine), then 
again the .Xdefaults file is ignored. Again, it does not matter if one has 
a copy of the .Xdefaults file, with identical contents, on both machines. 
Clearly, it does not get read when one makes a connection in from the 
outside, using ssh.

It's a client's headache to configure properly his (X)terminal, but server's (as you run
shell there) to provide properly configured readline.

    XTerm*eightBitInput:   true
    XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true
in my ~/.Xresources breaks not only mc for me, but many other console applications.
For example bash hotkeys (and even non-ASCII input!) are broken



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