Re: MC ssh login without password


Anze <anzenews volja net> wrote:
Is there a way to automate this login _without_ doing anything
on the server side? It should be doable, but every site I
googled talks about keygen and putting the part of the key on
the server...

Have you tried to create an ssh-key and login with this key
instead of the password? "man ssh" says how to do this.

Could you please be a bit more specific? I do not have much
experience in ssh and "man ssh" doesn't really help - it talks about
agents, keys,... it's all greek to me. :)

It's not that complicated:

ssh-keygen -b 2048 -f name_for_the_file

-b 2048 -- genreate a secret key with a length of 2048 bit
-f ...  -- generate the file and where your private and
           public keys will be saved

Let me point out that I'm looking for a solution that would _not_
require to put anything on the server (keys and similar). Is this
even possible? 

May be that's not possible. If you don't use keys there is no way to
store the password somewhere. For security reasons. If it would be
possible you had to store it in plain text. Which would not be a good

And if you decide to use keys, you have to store your public key below
your ~/.ssh directory on the server. Why you want to avoid this?


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