Re: Seeing <------> instead of tabs - how to disable ?

On Wed, 21 May 2008, Felix Miata wrote:

On 2008/05/21 11:40 (GMT-0500) Theodore Kilgore apparently typed:

While trying to do my work I do sometimes notice inconveniences and
glitches like what I have described above. Felix, I am curious. Did you
ever encounter what I have described, or do you do your work in such a
way that the situation just never came up, as I describe it? Wouldn't you
agree, now that the issue has been pointed out, that there is a problem?

You certainly seem to have described a valid problem for the way you work,
but not one I've ever encountered. All my systems have no gpm installed, or
have had gpm turned off. On those occasions when I find it desirable to mouse
copy and paste something from a file I have open in mc in Konsole, I usually
cat the file in another Konsole tab, and copy & paste from that.

Well, interesting. and this just goes to show that different ones of us might settle into very different ways to do things. You do mention Konsole. To me, that implies that you are running KDE. I am not running KDE, but FVWM2 (again, highly customized to suit myself so it would not look to you like what you think of as FWWM). Moreover, I am one of those old geezers who really like Midnight Commander for what it can do in such an environment, too. To my mind, it is far better, far more flexible, and far more user friendly than any GUI file manager that I have ever encountered. So I use it all the time and have been doing so for quite a while (the Linux counter assigned to me #53625 a few years ago).

Now as to doing "cat" or "less" to the file in a third terminal, clearly I can do that, too. Sure. Anybody can.

But if you are working on the file with the editor and discussing something about the file with someone by e-mail and when the mouse-copying would obviously work very well, except for some little but very annoying glitch, doesn't it actually seem rather stupid to have to open yet another window just in order to do that copying?

Add to this, that the operation of mouse-copying did not even used to have that one little glitch, until the innovation of putting arrow characters in to signify tabbing has taken root. So in at least one type of situation functionality has been taken away in order to do something else better. That was one of my points. The other is that it seems to me it ought to have been possible to do that "something else" better, without causing any of these resulting problems at all.

Again, I do see why this change was introduced. It addresses a very valid concern. But it causes problems, too, and the problems could perhaps have been avoided. Mind you, problems like this often creep up on us and are unanticipated. The human-to-computer interface is probably one of the most vexing things to work on that exists. But that in turn means that those of us who work on such issues really need to be receptive when someone points out an outcome which was unanticipated.

May I suggest (again) doing the marking of tab spaces with something that does not pick up in a mouse-copy, possibly with color coding? I really do think that marking the tab spaces is a good idea and ought to be kept. I also really do think that it could perhaps have been done in some less obtrusive way.

Theodore Kilgore

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