Re: Seeing <------> instead of tabs - how to disable ?

On 2008/05/21 11:40 (GMT-0500) Theodore Kilgore apparently typed:

While trying to do my work I do sometimes notice inconveniences and 
glitches like what I have described above. Felix, I am curious. Did you 
ever encounter what I have described, or do you do your work in such a 
way that the situation just never came up, as I describe it? Wouldn't you 
agree, now that the issue has been pointed out, that there is a problem?

You certainly seem to have described a valid problem for the way you work,
but not one I've ever encountered. All my systems have no gpm installed, or
have had gpm turned off. On those occasions when I find it desirable to mouse
copy and paste something from a file I have open in mc in Konsole, I usually
cat the file in another Konsole tab, and copy & paste from that.
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