Re: Seeing <------> instead of tabs - how to disable ?

On Mon, 19 May 2008, Pavel Roskin wrote:

On Sun, 2008-05-18 at 18:38 +0300, Ian Brown wrote:

I had installed mc on FC9.(mc-4.6.2-3.pre1.fc9.x86_64).

When I open a file which has tabs inside, I see :
<------><------><------> instead of the tabs.

I did not have such a thing with Midnight Commander on earlier versions
of mc.

How I can replace these <------> with spaces ?

I believe it's impossible without fixing the code.  visible_tabs is
global, but it's not defined in any header file and it not used in any
configuration dialogs.  Moreover, that variable is read-only.  It's
never assigned a value except during initialization.

The only work around is to disable color: "mc -b"

Pavel Roskin

If I could put in two cents as an hymble user, I would say that this is a nice feature and is helpful in editing code because it helps to see what is going on. But it sure would be nice if it were not picked up if one is doing a mouse-copy from one window to another :(

In other words, it is sometimes very nice and sometimes very not nice. What would really be a good thing if it were something which is easy to toggle on and off. Or, if it would automatically turn off if one hits the shift key and the left mouse button for highlighting, or something like that.

Hey. I can dream, can't I?

Theodore Kilgore

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