Re: mc and svgalib

Chris Glur wrote:
So is the problem only when you use zgv via mc ?
Can you use any other 'image viewer' eg. xpdf on other file formats ?

Magrat (the machine in question) does not have Xwindows at all. I have Aliss (a Linux desktop machine) and Amaryllis (an aging laptop running Win98) for the GUI stuff.

Do you know how to diagnose with: top, pstree, ..etc., in
case zgv consumes a lot of resources ?

Seeing as I'm Magrat's admin and only user, I had better. zgv's requirements vary with picture size, of course, but are usually about 6 megs. The most I've seen is 25 megs virtual, for a 2478x3360-dot JPEG. 'identify' topped at 50 megs for the same image.

But you'd expect the same resource usage if you did <path>/zgv <file> ?
And it that's OK, it seems that the problem is in the small step of mc
passing the image-file to the viewer to use.
Eg. the details of the syntax of the relevant  mc.ext file.

The Open invocation is standard except with zgv replacing seejpeg.

Thing is, given how long it takes this bug to manifest each time (from days to weeks), I can only guess at what's going on. Right now I'm guessing it's a corruption issue. I recently upgraded bash from 2.05 to 3.1 (I had the source tarball already), but that seems to have changed nothing. My usual /bin/sh is a statically-compiled ash 0.4 linked with dietlibc, since it seems to aggravate the condition the least, plus it's more frugal than any scrooge.

Thread or resource clash? Would not surprise me (very few things do, anyway), but I'm no guru or wizard of any kind. In any case, I have no real idea of what is going on or what causes it. So much for delusions of being Holmes or Poirot.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)
You know the world's gone mad when embassies become cube farms.

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