mc and svgalib

Here's yet another mc-related curiosum which may or may not be related
to the trouble I've had with mc and the subshell. To clarify, Magrat
(the Linux box) doesn't have a mouse.

'zgv' is an image viewer based on svgalib.

I say 'zgv' in the log-in shell (GNU bash v3.1) on the console. On exit,
I get the expected 'Failed to initialize mouse' complaint from svgalib
and an immediate prompt.

I start mc, move to the album and tap onto an image, invoking zgv. I get
the complaint and a prompt.

I dive into the subshell (^O) and say 'zgv'. I get the complaint but no
immediate prompt.

I return to mc and start zgv from the command line. I get neither
complaint nor prompt.

In the two latter cases, hitting enter, running another command or
switching panes (if they point to different directories, thus forcing a
cd) will restore the prompt.

For what it's worth, zgv-sdl (zgv with SDL as backend instead of svgalib) does not show this behaviour. Weird. I'm sure I compiled SDL to use svgalib for image output.

Reynir H. Stefánsson (reynirhs mi is)
It's always five o'clock somewhere, especially if you go by the sun.

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