Re: restarting in X Terminal

Glad somebody got back to me on this at last! Sad he has no solution (i am sure there is one)...

Abbreviated from Pavel Tsekov:
-> > If i quit out of X with mc on once, EVERY subsequent instance
-> > starts at console size within the (much larger) terminal window
-> Every instance of which program ?

"EVERY subsequent instance" of mc. actually, after i started to consider this more, i recognized that it is not necessarily after i "quit out of X". However, once this behavior starts it will not stop, so "EVERY subsequent instance" remains true. Since it could, in fact, start right after boot-up, i assume there is some issue whereby sometimes X sets something before mc or vice versa and USUALLY it happens the right way around but SOMETIMES, for my purposes anyway, it happens the wrong way.

-> > open a tab, start mc (which now starts proper size), and then -
-> Do you mean that MC doesn't detect the terminal size properly ?

Yes sir.  Or at least the initial mc doesn't (from "Terminal -e mc").

-> > other tab. The (more) irritating part is that now the panel
-> directory
-> > does not count as the fresh tab directory...and this behavior does
-> not
-> > reset until i reboot, even if mc is cleanly exited a number of
-> times.
-> I do not really understand what you are talking about.

Well, if Terminal opens with mc in it, any Terminal tabs you open (ctrl-T) begin (as plain shell consoles) with their pwd set to the active panel directory. But if you open a Terminal (or a Terminal tab) and type "mc", fresh tabs will just open up pwd=~.

This is not specific to "Terminal", as i said before. The real problem is mc SOMETIMES not detecting the terminal size.

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