Re: Mc Digest, Vol 51, Issue 5

]> can anyone tell me what the hotkey for the history
]> dropdown box in the ftp connection dialog is?
]> It is marked with this hat "^", but none of the
]> keys I tried worked.
]> When I use the mouse it works.


I love the way, new features still appear after 20 yr usage..
Smart provision of menues is a winning formula.

I can't understand why structured-editors for various
languages are not available/popular.

Or even [like mcedit & more so vim has syntax hi-liteing]
why you can't you just 'pick/select' the constructs for various
languages.  Eg.
-> pick language = forth; pick file action = load FileId to screen;
== places the 'command' at the cursor, and a menu for args.

And related to this, especially for forth: the reversed dictionhary
to help 'decode' existing code.
All of this done by menues.

When I go back to a seldom used language: pop-11, forth ..etc.,
I can't get up to speed.  But if I do a spreadsheet after 2-years,
I can immediately continue with good [enough] fluency.
Because spreadsheet-working is menu-driven.

And related to this [especially for forth] a reverse dictionary
would help decoding existing source.

My main language/OS: ETH-oberon is fully menu driven,
but in a different way.  You look for the string anywhere on the
screen.  Which you may have previously arranged in/as a menu..
You don't remember the command or file name, you navigate to
a written copy of it and just clux it when you see/recognise it.

If you eg. want to open a new file called 'spreadsheett' since
that name is vissible here-now; just clux it. Where clux is the
appropriate mouse-chording, which is reflexive - like riding a

== Chris Glur.

PS. posting from gmail is real crap.
But I subscribed from gmail because it blocks the spam.

PSS. what we really need is the command/s to create a split
viewer for mcedit, so that <F3> [lynx-view] of a *.html can
show 3 views together, to eg. 1. read the description;
2. read/cut the corresponding URL, 80 lines down at the
bottom of the file, 3. paste the URL to a different file -- all
without switching between views.

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