Adding formats viewable by <F3> ?

mc's ability to view many different file formats, automagically, by
<F3> is really nice. And especially the way it's not hardwired in,
but can just be added/extended as new formats evolve.

I'm on some mailing-lists which previously used plain-text, as is
appropriate since they don't benefit from MIME, but were apparently
convinced by the marketers that they 'must have the latest'.

For good reasons I want to receive and read these posts with my old
reader which doesn't handle MIME and show the eg. "=20" crap.

Q1. has linux got a basic 'de-MIMER' ? Perhaps lynx can do it, the
way lynx nicely handles mc/<F3> for *.html ?

Q2. how would I add it to the existin <F3> repetoir ?
  Could I give the 'files needing to be dispalyed as de-MIMED
 with their own file.extention ?
Or else one could simply:
   <deMime> <FileID> ">" <newFileID>
and then use standard <F3> to view <newFileID>

BTW. re my previous query, for the mc version that I'm using,
under X: <Alt>/<enter> puts the selected FileId to the commond
line, as <Ctrl>/<enter> does under VT.  And it's in the docos.

== Chris Glur.

PS. what I hate more than MIME email, is html, but mc handles
that too !

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