Re: Recovering Deleted Files

Hi Rajesh,

rmanwani tpcsed com wrote:
I was trying to install clear-case client on my machine. In the
process, some of my files got deleted automatically by the
installation software ( probably due to wrong input path I might
have given ). I have not used MC but have dowloaded with the aim to
recover the deleted files. Please let me know if MC is right tool
for this purpose.

Undelete would only work on ext2 partitions. 
Mor information about undelete on ext2 partitions you will find here
As more as you wrote on this partition after you delete the file, the
less your chances to be able to undelete the files.

If you delete on a non ext2 partition you can have a look at tools
- autopsy/sleuthkit
- foremost
- or maybe PhotoRec

The path to source is always uphill!

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